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part time job in penang

The Different Part Time Jobs in Penang

If you reside in Penang, Malaysia, and is wondering on the different part time jobs in Penang, then you have come to the right article. Penang holds a lot of jobs as a state of Malaysia, both part time and full time. There are plenty of opportunities for one to seize, especially in the part time job section. One can be a part time tuition teacher in Penang, or find job vacancies in Penang Airport; the variety is large and one need not worry.

Penang holds a lot of opportunities and is a city a like Kuala Lumpur. It is also a place for both entertainment and leisure, which will definitely help in creating more jobs for its own residents. With a higher demand and need of workers, being able to get a job would be easier. Though there would be more completion, but the options are plenty for those who are seeking a job.

Top Part-time jobs in Penang

When looking for a job, some may ask of the part-time job that is needed the most, for in different areas and regions, there is a different need. In the state of Penang, the part-time job with the most options and is the highest in demand is the job of a Promoter.

Promoters are wanted in Queensbay Mall, the different exhibitions that happen around the year, and at individual lifestyle shops and centers both in the city center and outside. Both male and female are wanted and commission is given according to the different offers available in the job market. This job is highly in demand and it is the top part-time job in Penang. However, there is also a need for freelancers in sales and marketing all over Penang, as well as a bunch of part-time jobs that does not require any prior knowledge in sales. It is clear that sales and marketing is now the top job in Penang, which is open to male and female, and has part-time and full time options. Though there are many other part-time jobs available such as an art teacher job, graphic designer, animator, general and accounts clerk, the one job that is highly in demand and will help one get better payment rates is the job as a Promoter. Hence, it is a highly recommended job for those looking for a part-time job in Penang.

As one opens the classified, browse through the websites in the internet, and even walk down the streets of Penang, one can already see the many options and varieties in the job arena of this state. Not only is there a wide variety, but there is also a demand in certain jobs that can give better opportunities to those seeking for it. It is safe to say that one need not worry on getting a job as in the pile of part time jobs in Penang, one is sure to find a job that suits ones abilities and skills.